11. Are Your Certificates Good At Every Security Company?

As a state licensed security training academy using templates established by DPS, our course certificates of completion are to be accepted by every security agency licensed in the state of Texas in regards to the Non-commissioned, Commission, and Bodyguard courses. DPS licenses and empowers TCTA to teach the course and hand those certificates of completion out to the students on behalf of DPS.

There have been a couple of reports from our students over the last six years in business that when they presented our certificates to their security agency to process their state licenses, the security agencies in question seem to come up with false reasons why they should not accept them and at the same time it just so happens those security agencies also ran a training academy or are partnered up with one – coincidence?… We didn’t think so either.

If a security agency does not wish to accept our state-approved training certificates because they are upset that you went to the competition instead of them, or creates false reasons why those certificates are no good in order to have you sign up and pay for their classes (or a school they recommend), then they have crossed ethical boundaries. If they are making you believe that our certificates are no good yet encourage you to sign up and pay for their class when you don’t need it, they are then walking the line of committing fraud by deception and that company needs to be reported at once.

A couple of training academies/security agencies ( “T.G.”) that attempted to pull this on our prior students have since been reported to DPS and seem to no longer pull that scam. We encourage any prior student to contact us immediately if our course certificates of completion are not being accepted by a security provider or met with any resistance or questions. We will 100% investigate the matter and assist you in filing a complaint with DPS-RSD right away.

Warning: Security agencies and training academies that are doing this, you might want to be careful; you never know who the next person is you try to pull this on, or who they know, and you are doing this in clear violation of ethical and legal guidelines- don’t be a hater because they did not go to your school, help them and take care of your new employees and applicants instead of trying to take advantage of them or providing them with the wrong information.