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Level 2 Non-Commission Security Training


This is the updated April 1st, 2024 update frm DPS

DPS has removed the time standards on this class, from 1702. OCC and DPS -RSD admin rules for whatever reason- therefore there is no longer a minimum time requirement. This class is now ONLY given by us online for $30.00. Other online schools are charging $50.-$65. for this same class, do not overpay and take it through us. This takes most students two-five hours to complete and fulfills Texas DPS state course standards with an official certificate of completion emailed to you once you pass the course. You must provide us with a copy of your ID and provide your last four of your Social Security number (required by Texas DPS for all certificates) before we email you the certificate.

Level 3 Commission Officer Training 

NOW 50% ONLINE AND 50% CLASSROOM. No longer a 4 or 5 day class in a classroom (half has been moved online). 

ONLY $225.00 (online class has arrived) save time and take this class. 

This class is now given in two parts: Part (1)- online & Part (2)- in class at our office. We provide both parts, you don’t need to go elsewhere for Part 2 (or pay extra) that is included. This cuts your classroom requirement down by 50% which saves you time off work and time sitting in a classroom while you read the course material at home or while at work. Then you come to our office in Pflugerville, Texas to knock out two jam packed days of hands-on (Part-2).

Part 2 consists of: PowerPoints, Handouts, Videos, Seminar/Lecture from instructors followed by Demonstrations, Practical application/ Hands on training given by certified instructors in person. You will be given instruction on: Handcuffing, Baton, Pepper Spray, Weaponless Defense, Firearms (with required shooting qualification at the range), and then given the state final exam while here. Students will be given login formation to read through all course material prior to arrival on our website, then they will be scheduled to attend only two days (no longer 5) of practical application and testing. Students that arrive and pass the exams, and range qualification to include participate in each block, will be given their course completion certificate at our classroom on the final day.


FREE weapon rentals, and any training equipment are included. FREE lifetime re-certifications included. Handcuff, Baton, Pepper Spray certification included for FREE with this class. Ammo must be provided by the student (which is only 50 rounds and can be bought prior or at the range). 

This course is the next level in security training and is a certified and approved State Commission course (just updated by DPS). The level 3 class is required if you wish to be armed, carry a baton, and become Level-4 certified at some point in your career. 

Level III Security Officer Commission, often nicknamed “the gun class,” actually provides many hours of non-firearm related topics that security professionals need to know including the firearms portion. In our opinion, this class should be the minimum standard for all security personnel (armed or unarmed), as the Level-2 course just isn’t enough training by any industry standard.

Written exam, live fire range qualification, weaponless defense and classroom instruction is required by DPS. Our price includes, free weapon rental, free equipment use, instruction, certifies (not range fee or ammo). Click on the menu button (right side of this website for more course information)- prices and schedules are posted on the listed corresponding pages.

Security training courses in Austin Texas

Level 4 Bodyguard Training $300.00

Bodyguard training certification and licensing are required by the state of Texas in order for individuals to work as Bodyguards, Executive Protection Agents, Personal Protection Officers, etc., which also allows them to work in plain clothes and carry concealed while on duty as a PPO.


Many states will not allow security officers to do this, but Texas does – a Level IV PPO Course is the class to certify you! Our course is 20 + hours and includes classroom and live fire exercises. *See our Bodyguard page for more info on the course. Click on the menu button (right side of this website for more course information)- prices and schedules are posted on the listed corresponding pages.

Level-3 Security Officer Commission Renewal $125.00 (new students)

Requal class is only a one-day (6–8-hour short class) which includes: Classroom instruction and updates, DPS mandatory Weaponless Defense written exam, and qualification at the gun range, that is it. This covers you for the next two years. Prior students pay only $50.00, new students $125.00 (in all cases, all students buy or provide their own ammo). 

DPS-RSD requires that you attend a Level-3 security recertification class and submit your renewal to them no later than 30 days prior to your license expiration date. As a requalification student, you are only required by the state to attend a minimum of a six (6) hour block of instruction, including a written exam and live fire range qualification. A portion of your training includes the Continuing Education requirement on “Ethics.” NOTE: New DPS form and policy- Weaponless Defense must be done on a requal or it will be kicked back by DPS.


Baton Certification Course

The baton is a great non-lethal use of force option for security professionals and law enforcement officers. The baton training course combines lecture, discussion, demonstration, a hands-on performance of techniques and testing in a concise and practical manner.

Our training certificates are recognized and accepted throughout the state and even nationally. Please note: You must have baton training and be a Level 3 Commissioned officer to carry or use a baton per DPS-RSD and Texas Law. Click on the menu button ( right side of this website for more course information)- prices and schedules are posted on the listed corresponding pages.

Handcuffing Certification Course 


handcuff certification course AustinWe know that anyone can figure out how to lock or unlock a pair of handcuffs but the handcuffing training course is to ensure that officers have been officially taught, certified, and covered during a use of force issue.

Proper training in the use and techniques of handcuffing, arrest /detention, officer safety and liability issues are paramount. Our handcuffing class educates and protects officers from issues of: False arrest, illegal detention, kidnapping, use of force issues, etc. Click on the menu button (right side of this website for more course information)- prices and schedules are posted on the listed corresponding pages.

Pepper spray training course AustinPepper Spray Certification Course


Commonly called O.C. or “Pepper Spray,” Oleoresin Capsicum is a convenient aerosol spray that is used as a non-lethal protection device.

When used before hands-on defense in the escalation of force, there is less risk of injuries to all parties, and in most cases, the proper use results in ending the attack or resistance without having to go to the next level of force. Click on the menu button ( right side of this website for more course information)- prices and schedules are posted on the listed corresponding pages.

Yes, if you improperly or unjustifiably spray someone with OC, you can be charged with “assault by a chemical.” Do it right, take the pepper spray training course and get certified. *Level 2 officers can carry OC. *Don’t worry, you do not have to be pepper sprayed to pass this course.

Security guard training and licensing in Texas

C.E.W. Training Course

Conductive Energy Weapon training is more effective than OC or Batons and will end a physical altercation immediately, unlike the other two products. CEWs are safe and dependable in all weather conditions and very effective.

Conductive energy weapon training AustinLevel 3 is NOT required to possess or use this device; any guard can carry CEWs (armed or unarmed) – they are NOT classified as deadly weapons. Click on our CEW page button ( right side of website), for more information about this course.

*Fear not… you don’t have to be shot with the CEW to pass this course.

Classroom instruction followed by a written exam is required; you will receive a wall certificate and a pocket card upon completion of this course.

Security licensing process detailed in this short video.

Security Supervision and Management Training

All too often, guards are promoted to supervision without any official training to help them and the company be successful (usually 98% of the time). There is a lot more than throwing on rank or insignias and being handed a title to becoming an effective security guard supervisor and leader.

Lsecurity management training classes austinearn the skills and foundation on how to be an effective, fair, professional guard management supervisor and a true asset to your company.

We cover hiring, employee reviews, counseling, training, site and guard inspections, accountability, tracking, disgruntle workers, communication, enforcement of company policies, client interaction, and incident response, to name a few.

This class is highly recommended for all supervisors of security companies or individuals seeking managerial jobs in the guard industry. Show your employer you’re ready for advancement and seek some education on this subject.

Guards, if you’re requiring promotions or growth within your company, start here. Guard Companies: before promoting your guards, have them take a class; don’t just hand them a title or give them rank to pin on.

Security Report Writing Training Course

security report writing course

Report writing is a form of communication and a very effective one; with that said, a well-written report will represent you and your agency in a positive and professional manner to the client. On the other hand, a poorly written report makes you and your agency look untrained and unprofessional.

Some consider good report writing a skill; we have designed this course to teach the basics for beginners or to help improve on what you may already be familiar with.

Do you or your officers know how to write a detailed report for an incident?

  • Will your officer’s reports protect your company and client?
  • Will your officer’s reports be well received by law enforcement and courts during an investigation or lawsuit?

If your answer is “No” or “I don’t know” – then you and or your guards need to take this class and fast.

Incident reports have a criteria, protocol, and format which is not just writing a story in order – a lot more than that goes into it. We help you create well-written daily logs or incident reports that not only are what your clients are looking for but help protect you in a court case.

Like the saying goes “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and that is true if you are good at it. While some think security and police work is all about the “action,” anyone with experience will tell you a great percentage of your time will be spent on reports in some way, shape or form; don’t make reports your weak point.

Security guard classes in Austin

Basic Firearms Training Course -101

basic firearms training

Never touched a firearm before or have not fired one in years? If so, then this is the class for you. This slow, non-stressed, step-by-step class is designed to teach the basics of firearms safety and shooting. Whether you are interested in recreational shooting, competition, hunting, home safety, or personal protection, the basics are where to start!

This is a great class to take before a CHL or security Commission course so that when you attend those courses, you will be ready and comfortable. This class can be taught to anyone, even families and non-security persons seeking some type of beginner level training with a licensed and certified Instructor.

Note: This class does not fulfill the educational requirements for applying for a Concealed Handgun License or a security Level-3 commission license.

Advanced Firearms Training ClassesAdvanced Firearms Training Program

This is not a SPEC-OPS/Overseas “Operator” type course some competitors or “gun clinics” attempt to offer security officers. This course provides additional and extensive training on the Handgun, Shotgun, & Rifle not found in the Level-3 or Level-4 course.

We cover many uses of the weapons in this security training course: tactical and stress deployment of the weapons, gaining cover, reloading, shooting on the move, one-handed and weak hand engagements, fighting through malfunctions, and officer down drills.

A lot of emphases is spent on precision fire and making you a better and safer shooter. This is a not a “John Wayne” or “Rambo” course; this is something you can actually use in your line of work as a security professional here in the USA during a realistic worst-case scenario.

Advanced Officer Safety Training

This is not a rehash version of the Level-2 or 3 course, nor is it a SWAT class. This is street knowledge and experience with tricks and tactics passed down to you to make you a more effective and experienced security professional.

This security training course was developed for the working officer (at his/her request), which focuses on his/her day-to-day and worst-case scenario needs that cannot be found in the state Level-2 or Level-3 manuals, nor is taught at your security company.
Advanced officer safety training course austin

  • What happens if a suspect won’t listen to you?
  • What happens if a suspect won’t go into handcuffs willingly?
  • What happens when you walk right into a crime in progress?

It is great to say “observe and report” or “call the police and notify a supervisor,” but there will be times, even when you try to avoid incidents, that they will find you.

In this day in age, we have active shooters in stores, office buildings, malls, etc., violent offenders, and people that wish to harm police and security. You need a lot more than a Level-3 Commission class to make it out there. The police are great but often take a while getting to you or responding; so what do you do during a fight for your life or incident?

This class fills in all the gaps and unknowns not covered in the Level-2 and 3 courses. You won’t ever have to say “I didn’t know what to do” after taking this class.

Training for Security Guards

Advanced Bodyguard Training Course

The normal Level-4 PPO bodyguard class offered is an introductory to the bodyguard and executive protection industry. That class was designed by DPS and their consultants in 1999. We are restricted on what we can add or take away from that class and must teach the basics covered in the book.

This advanced security training course takes off where the Level-4 course ends and provides you with the much needed additional training for an advanced and skilled industry. You are still required to take the Level-4 to be licensed by DPS but that class will not prepare you right away for your first client… this will. This is additional training to help you become more of an asset and professional at your skill.

security training courses

If you’re trying to break into the bodyguard industry and don’t have many clients under your belt, lots of education in the industry will open some doors for you. Just because you have a level-4 PPO and don’t seek additional training after that, don’t expect too much work to come your way; security companies receive tons of resumes and applications monthly – training will make you stand out.

Classroom and range time is included. Certificate of completion is provided. It is a requirement that you have attended a Level-3 and Level-4 class somewhere prior to attending this course, as this is an advanced level.

License to Carry LTC / CHL Class and Training

License to carry Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Thursday June 17th after it cleared the state Senate in early May by an 18-13 vote and the state House with an 84-56 vote that will allow Texas “residents” (not visitors), to carry handguns without a permit/license beginning September 1st, 2021.

The new law, which implements what is commonly referred to as “Constitutional Carry,” allows Texans over 21 years of age to carry their firearms if they are not precluded from owning/possessing weapons due to prior criminal history or a court order. Under this new law you will not need to take a class, you will not need to qualify at the range, you will not need to register or submit any paperwork the state, or pay any fees, nor pay for a background check.

Private property and businesses may still prohibit your firearms on their property so you must still obey signs and/or verbal requests given by the property owner or someone with apparent authority to speak on behalf of the owner or the business to either disarm or leave.

This does not change any requirements of Armed security officers (two different things). Security officers on duty do not fall under the “Constitutional Carry” and are still required to attend a 45 hour Level-3 security Commission course and register with Texas DPS in order to carry a firearm on duty as a security officer.

Will handgun training still be available?

Yes. The new law requires the Texas Department of Public Safety to post a free online course on its website that teaches proper firearm handling and safety. In addition, licensed handgun safety instructors can continue to offer their services to those that want training (although not required under this new law). To note, you do not need a license to carry a firearm in Texas but if you want to travel to another state then you will need the Licenses To Carry Permit (LTC) which is recognized in many states. In order to get that you will need to take a class, qualify at the range and submit an application and fees to Texas DPS.

TCTA will be offering once a month the standard License to Carry course to customers who want the training and want the standard license through Texas DPS (which will allow them to carry in other states), just check our calendar and sign up.

First Aid / CPR & AED Certification and Training

This course is designed for persons responding to emergencies at the workplace or community as well as those who want to first aid cpr training austinlearn First Aid, CPR and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) skills.

This should be mandatory for anyone wishing to become a bodyguard; how can you protect your client if you don’t even know basic first aid and your job is to protect your client’s life?


Please Note: TCTA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. TCTA will not provide a refund, credit, or rain check if you are dismissed from a class, leave, miss a class, or are unable to attend. **Please see our Legal Page for full disclaimer.