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Private Security Training Austin 

“Professionalism is not just a state of mind or a term used; it is a status earned through 
Education, Training, and Performance.” – TCTA

Texas Certified Tactical Academy is a truly certified academy in every sense of the word. Founded by former US Army military combat veterans and security experts; we offer you firsthand experience training by professionals who have been in the private security industry for more than 25 years. No other security training academy in Texas can provide such vast experience directly from the security industry like TCTA can, without combining non-security experience, or combining several members of their staff’s experience to reach that number (some manipulate the facts) throwing 20 + years around when you find out they are combining three instructor’s years of experience to reach that number-TCTA does not play that marketing game. 

Private security training in Austin

With years of training underway, TCTA has attained a leadership status in private security training, and is the preferred training academy in Texas.

Our extensive experience in the private security industry, the military, and other law enforcement areas has introduced us to multiple forms of education, styles or methods of training, and firsthand knowledge. Currently, the state’s licensing requirements, training requirements, and course outlines are severely lacking and in major need of improvement. This prevents our industry from being seen as a real profession, and also has other negative impacts. We know to raise the image, the professionalism, public trust, and pay rate in this industry, it must start with training and higher standards; sadly, this is where the weakest link is found in the industry, and one we aim to help change.

You can expect from us training which not only exceeds the State’s minimum guidelines but is also professional and given from a passionate platform. TCTA prides itself on not being a “certificate mill;” nor do our Instructors just “teach the test.” TCTA takes your training, time, education, and investment seriously, as we know that your life & liability may depend on the training you receive.

“It’s not hard to run a great program; you just have to care and simply do it right” – TCTA founder

Texas Security Training School 

To tell you more about our school, we only need to tell you about our satisfied clients. 50% of our business is return customers and referrals, which says a lot. We have trained several thousand security professionals which come from small local companies to large national brands (both in-house departments and contracted agencies). We have security agencies, armored car carriers, and campus security departments that entrust us with their entire guard force; to include, we continue to train students that travel from San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Killeen, Waco, and several other Texas cities, to take our classes here in Austin – bypassing many other options which says a lot about the value of our classes and our reputation.  

Owners and Managers have sat through our classes and have commented on the outstanding service and education their guards have received. We are constantly given accolades for the level of instruction and service not found in a standard guard class, as we bring corporate-level, professional instruction to an industry that has not seen it (at the guard level), which blows our clients away.

Don’t just rely on words of others…

Come Experience What Sets Us Apart From The Rest!