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This class is required by the state of Texas to allow you to work as a Personal Protection Officer (bodyguard/executive protection), which also allows you to work in plain-clothes and carry concealed while on duty. Many states will not allow security persons to do this, Texas does and this is the class to certify you. Our course is 20 + hours and includes classroom instruction, live fire exercises, weaponless defense, scenarios, force-on-force exercises, and physical activities. Don’t waste your money attending a bodyguard class that provides no advanced range time, no weaponless defense, no physical exercises, or instructors that are not actively and currently performing bodyguard operations – this is serious business, and most schools to who try to give this class only via a Power Point are doing you, your client, and this industry a disservice (most stick only to a Power Point because frankly, we feel they don’t know what they are doing).

Austin Bodyguard License OFFICIAL TEXAS STATE BODYGUARD COURSE:    Only $300.00!! 

If you are ready to be paid more than the average guard, want to work special events, backstage, bodyguard V.I.P.’s, and perform special protection details, estate security, and protect the rich and famous, then this is the class you are required to take.

“I highly recommend TCTA’s training classes. I don’t think anybody enjoys sitting in long classes, but the staff did a great job of not only teaching the class but also making it interesting. Throughout the class it became obvious that Glen had a tremendous amount of insight and experience. He went well beyond the mandated material which to me, not only made the class interesting, but also helped prepare the entire class for real life situations. ”                      -Brad McKellop

SPECIAL NOTE: Regardless of what other Texas bodyguard schools and their instructors are telling you, Texas DPS-RSD does NOT knowingly allow the Level 4 PPO bodyguard course to be taught online. They removed “must be given in a classroom environment” only from the Lv-2 non-Commission course and parts of the Lv3 Commission course but they did NOT remove that statement from the training requirements for the Lv4-PPO Bodyguard course. Any training school giving a bodyguard course solely online is absolutely operating outside of stated Texas DPS-RSD training regulations and they know it; they are just hoping that you don’t know it, and don’t ask any questions.

They will tell you (as they told us when we called them) that they have “special permission from DPS to do this” – which is 100% a lie and verified when we contacted DPS. Yes, many students have gone to an online bodyguard course and then submit those certificates to DPS-RSD however, when DPS-RSD gets that certificate, they have no idea if you actually sat in a classroom or took the course online (which is how the other schools are getting away with it). If they knew that your course was given solely online, they would reject it and/or void your Lv4 pocket card. More importantly, how would your clients feel knowing that you got your bodyguard training at home in your bedroom, through a quick one-day online course and had your certificate emailed to you? That is simply ridiculous as the state’s standards are already low as it is, this is cutting corners to almost a reckless level when performing bodyguard work in our opinion. Frankly speaking, students that seek a $100.00 (one-day) Power Point or Online only bodyguard course or pick which school they attend by going for the lowest bidder honestly, might not have the right mind-set for this industry. 

 Bodyguard – Level 4  Training -Official Course

Bodyguard training Austin This course was designed by Texas DPS-RSD to give the average working security officer a short exposure and a basic foundation to the bodyguard industry. To be a professional bodyguard, you will need lots of training and experience that far exceeds the State’s course. This class, in no way, is meant to completely prepare you to work as a professional bodyguard after a couple short days, but it fulfills and exceeds the State’s standards, provides you with the certificate to get your license, and gives you a foundation on which to build your knowledge and experience on. More than a couple days will be required for you to be considered ready to protect any client, or for this industry as a whole, by any measure. It will be up to you and your agency to build on the fundamentals provided and seek additional training and experience to become a top-notch professional in the industry.

Please take special note that if you took a bodyguard or executive protection course before in another state- Texas DPS will NOT recognize that training in order to give you a Texas Bodyguard license, you will need to attend the program made by Texas DPS. Also note- there is no such thing as a National Bodyguard License you see online or offered by out of state schools- those are good for additional information, but mean nothing in Texas as far as a course licensing requirement. We are not discounting your background or prior training; you simply must take and pass the Texas state exam and go through the course in order to operate legally in this state.

“I learned so much and feel like I will be a better asset to my company after taking his course. Glenn’s passion not only in security, but how the industry should be trained impressed me and gained mine and many other classmates respect. He truly cares about people leaving his courses informed, and takes his role very seriously. The positive attitude and excitement he has for what he does creates the perfect environment for learning and feeling comfortable. I have always believed in putting your money where you will get the most bang for your buck, and in TCTA’s class you will most definitely leave informed and confident in the skills you learned which is more than I can say for other classes I have taken. A passionate instructor is hard to find and is what makes his classes different than the rest.”-Daniel Lambert

Currently, Texas DPS-RSD only requires you to attend a 15-hour class which is a joke (sorry DPS but true). We sincerely question if the people who made the state manual performed any real Personal Protection at all (and within the last decade). Many sections DPS placed in the course repeat areas of the Commission class (as filler) such as Use of Force and Weaponless Defense again- factoring you already had that in the Commissioned course class anyway. Their course as provided also does not include any range time and it does not allow any time to teach you the actual business of being a bodyguard and how to properly operate as one. Some schools have added on time and use it towards range operations; but again, very little time on “Bodyguard-101” which should be the “meat and potatoes” of the course. Many schools who do add in range time are cutting into the minimum required classroom hours of 15 and they are not supposed to do that. If range time is added in that must be in addition to the 15 hours of classroom (like how TCTA runs our course). Often other schools will cut corners and cut into the 15 hours because they don’t have enough information to expand on in the classroom (posers), so stay away from those guys.

What to expect with TCTA: Please understand that TCTA not only meets -but exceeds the Texas Department of Public of Safety (state police) standards for this course. Like the saying goes- “you can add to, you just can’t take away”- this means we cannot lower the States’ requirements, but we absolutely can increase them to fit our school’s goal. This is not a ‘check the box’ bodyguard class (like many other schools offer), whereas you only sit and watch a PowerPoint, three videos, and are handed a certificate. At TCTA, there will be physical activity required, advanced pistol required, hand-to-hand combat (weaponless defense) required, force-on-force scenarios, and classroom exercises with required participation- all of which should be expected in a real bodyguard-101 class. Although this class is only a couple days, it is jam-packed with information, and covers all the points that a $3,500.00 course covers (we know because we have attended those courses).

We are not marketing this class as an “Operator/Blackwater/ Spec-ops” class – because it is not (and it’s only a couple days long). That said, what current security bodyguard agencies are communicating to us is that they need (and are looking for) at least as a foundation to build on, “something more advanced than just the average Walmart guard in a suit” (exact quote from a client). So, with that, while understanding our customer base, we wish to graduate good, safe, and capable students that will be an asset and not a liability to their security agency and their clients. We also want to ensure that our TCTA certificates mean something to your employer and the industry (which they do)- “a higher standard” and not a “give away” class. Frankly speaking, there are many that seek being a bodyguard or are already licensed as a bodyguard whom honestly, have not had enough training and/or have no business in this industry- as it is not the industry for everyone regardless of what their dream might be. TCTA does not wish to be a “certificate mill” and just hand out certificates to anyone that pays a fee and walks through the door- there must be increased standards and a higher level of competency required in this line of work whereas someone’s life is depending on you being there, making the right choice, and getting them safely out of danger. We are honored to have the opportunity to train those that will go out and protect others, and many times place yourself in harm’s way doing just that. With that said, we will not graduate anyone that we feel will place their client in harm’s way and/or cannot pass “basic” tasks, conditions, and standards. This will be a fun, well-run class, that we know each student regardless of your background, will get some great educational points, and a course that is an outstanding start to your bodyguard career.

We spend a lot of time teaching you the business-end and operational-end of the industry. You have to know logistically how to operate, how to prepare, what is required, client interaction, licensing, and how to run your detail from A-Z (not just going to the range, watching a few videos, and dragging out lunch breaks like many other schools do). You’ll need to know what arrangements and plans must be made and how to make them. This is no longer guard work where your company takes care of everything, and you just show up with a suit and dark glasses. You will be expected to operate on a much higher and increased professional level and know what you’re doing. Anyone can stand there and be a “bullet sponge;” that’s not what this job is all about. You’re the client’s security specialist and they expect a professional and smooth operation from you and your team.

Advanced Weapons Training?

Any expert will tell you not to waste your money on schools that offer no weapons training for an advanced skill such as bodyguard/executive protection. Due to the fact Texas DPS-RSD does not require additional weapons training as part of their Level-4 class outline, many schools have elected not to offer it as they are not being forced to (and saves them operating costs). We believe additional firearms training should be included in this course, as such we exceed the state’s standards and provide it.

Ask yourself, “Would I hire a Bodyguard that has No Official Advanced Weapons Training?”

All students will be exposed to drawing from concealed holsters and shooting both strong and weak hand. All students will perform basic drills such as: Reflex fire, shooting from cover, shooting from different positions, shooting on the move, along with basic drills and exercises that directly relate to protection work.

Please note: This is not an “Operator sniper course,” and/or paramilitary tactical course, nor do we attempt to play it or this school off that way. This is a “Basic Intro to Bodyguard course” (as we like to call it), which provides a wealth of information for the newcomers, to include fulfills the State’s requirements for licensing. We must advise all students looking for an Operator Class, State Department Training, or Tactical Operations, S.W.A.T.T., and deployment courses that this is NOT the class to take for you.  

(Those courses begin at $3,500.00 all the way up to $25,000.00 per student btw – Big difference from $300.00 right?)


  •   Classroom/Seminar
  •   Checklists
  •   Pre-Planning & Threat Assessments
  •   Client Contact/Interaction
  •   Force Options
  •   Exterior/Interior Procedures
  •   Response to Incidents & Threats
  •   Advanced Handgun Course
  •   Firing Range
  •   Weaponless Defensive Tactics
  •   Overt & Covert Protection
  •   Escalation/De-escalation of Force
  •   Protection at a Location
  •   Protection on the Move
  •   Communication/Reports/Radios/Vehicles
  •   Logistics of Security Detail/Checklists


  • Official State Training Course
  • Official State Exam
  • Additional Classroom Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Training Videos
  • Firearms Proficiency Course Included
  • Advanced Handgun Course Included
  • Weapons provided at no cost, If needed
  • Holsters provided at no cost, If needed
  • Hearing Protection Included
  • Eye Protection Included
  • Use of many Training Aids
  • Bodyguard Certificate of Completion (Tx State approved)


Please Read These Laws:


It is a Class A misdemeanor to impersonate a security officer – click here to read this code.

NOTE: Bodyguards, you are still “Security Officers” and the same applies. 

TCTA Note: Class A misdemeanors are arrestable offenses, which results in jail time – not ticketing.


You cannot accept employment as an armed guard if you don’t have a commission license from DPS. Be sure to read and fully understand this code.

Level-4 PPO’s must also hold a valid Level 3 Commission license – This prevents ex-felons from performing Bodyguard services, as ex-felons (per Federal law) cannot possess a firearm to carry or even pass the required Commission class.

 DPS-RSD statement: Please be advised under the Private Security Act (Occ. Code Chapter 1702) and Administrative Rule 35.4 (37 Tex. Admin. Code 1), a criminal conviction may disqualify you from a registration, commission or license under the Act. You may wish to review Rule 35.4’s list of disqualifying offenses and the related periods of ineligibility, available on the department’s website at (follow the link to Administrative Code).  You also have a right to request from the department a criminal history evaluation letter under Occupations Code Section 53.102

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