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This Class is Not a Security Specific Class; It is Open to Anyone Requiring this Training!

Even though this is a firearms course, we realize that not every problem can or should be handled with a firearm. We strive to emphasize the importance of using your most valuable tool – “your brain,” to solve problems. Our goal is to educate you and extend problem-solving tools so that you are well-prepared. This total package approach makes you (the student), more confident in your ability to approach situations that are presented in today’s fast-moving, three-dimensional world.

NOTE: This is the Class all Gun Owners should take after your CHL, Level 3 Commission, or NRA Basic Gun Class is Complete.

If you are protecting a Client, Yourself, or even Your Family, our Advanced Weapons Training Course will equip you with knowledge and skills to enable you to do so. 

Advanced Weapons TrainingWhether you are a security professional, CHL holder, or just a concerned citizen that wants additional training, our advanced firearms/weapons course is designed to give the student the knowledge, confidence, and foundation required to operate effectively, safely, accurately, and on the next level. We, at TCTA want to share the knowledge we’ve had the privilege and honor to learn, with those who want to receive advanced skills, increase chances of survival, and become an asset instead of a liability when firearms are involved.

Our training can be tailored to meet each individual’s or groups’ needs.

Advanced Weapons Training Class in Austin 

Advanced Weapons Training Austin TCTA can provide instruction and training for all levels of skill and proficiency– from the novice who has had no training, to the advanced Personal Protection Officer. TCTA is pleased to have Firearms Instructors that have a very high level of training and knowledge accumulated from experiences in combat overseas, foreign protection details, executive protection, to include military & police backgrounds. TCTA prides itself on offering real-world instruction from our Instructors’ personal experiences, not just training from a manual or a rehash of a CHL or NRA safety course.  

Train as you Fight… Fight as you Train

Our training provides you with the solid foundation of basic principles as the cornerstone of firearms training. With the proper foundation established, the student(s) will then be taught: Several stances, grip, reloads (tactical and standard), working through and clearing malfunctions, strong and weak hand, movement, cover and concealment, firing from different positions. Additional points covered include: Executive protection scenarios, working with a principle, team tactics, vehicle operations and even home protection, and much more. There is absolutely no limit or end to scenarios or circumstances we can train you for.


Beyond the Basics:- “I took a gun class before, so why do I need take this class?”

This course is not a “basic gun safety class” given at your local gun club; it starts where the basic class ends to take you to the next level and beyond – which provides realistic training. Your enemy is not going to stand there without moving from 3, 7, or 15 yards away like you were trained in a CHL class, nor should you be planted and stationary shooting back one shot at a time like those classes train you to do. The suspect is also not going to wait while you reload or work on malfunctions. Those classes are designed to get you to qualify; this class is to keep you alive in a gun fight.

Beyond the Security Commission Course:

With the Commission security course, only 10 hours is set aside for firearms related training with only a few hours of that on the actual range. Range qualification is very simple and is only 50 rounds from a standing and stationary position, and shot from the 3, 7, & 15 yard line. The course, although very informative as far as laws and basic security procedures, truly does not prepare an armed security officer with “combat shooting skills” at all, and is focused on timed-signal shots, in a clinical environment (not realistic at all).

Beyond the Civilian CHL Class:

The CHL is the Concealed Handgun License which is issued to private citizens after a very short course, and even shorter time on the range. With the course being reduced even further this year, it makes additional training very important. Exactly like the Security Commission Course, it is very simple and is only 50 rounds from a standing and stationary position – shot from the 3, 7, & 15 yard line. 

We all must agree the firearms portion in both categories (Security & CHL) are far from “combat shooting skills,” which you will need and use in an armed encounter (even at home). Many students that have completed a “basic class” still lack skills… and that’s where this class comes in. 

Advanced Weapons Training for the General Public

 Increased Home & Family Protection:

You don’t have to be in the security industry, Military or Law Enforcement to realize you, your family, and even your co-workers are in danger and at risk not only during a civil unrest situation, but unfortunately at any time. We don’t like to use scare tactics as an advertising gimmick, but the crime rate is going up and will never go down regardless what some officials will claim.

Each day in the news, we all see or hear about some type of shooting, home evasion, kidnapping, or robbery. Law Enforcement cannot be everywhere and cannot respond immediately to even half of the incidents, and often they arrive after the incident is over. What you do in those first crucial seconds could make the difference between life and death, until law enforcement arrives.

TCTA Can Train Your Entire Family, Company or Team (NOT Just YOU), So That Everyone Is On The Same Level!

**You might be trained or have taken a class but what about your family, company or team? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if you’re the only one who knows how to operate a firearm safely and effectively, you’re in trouble.

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