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Concealed Handgun / License to Carry Class – Texas 

What was once called the ‘Concealed Handgun License’ (CHL), has now been combined with Open Carry, and is now officially “License To Carry” (LTC). This is the official State-approved course through The Department of Public Safety for both Open Carry and Concealed Carry within the state of Texas. The State of Texas has adopted legislation that allows its law abiding citizens to either Concealed Carry or Open Carry their handguns for self-protection.UPDATE: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Thursday June 17th after it cleared the state Senate in early May by an 18-13 vote and the state House with an 84-56 vote that will allow Texas “residents” (not visitors), to carry handguns without a permit/license beginning September 1st, 2021.

The new law, which implements what is commonly referred to as “Constitutional Carry,” allows Texans over 21 years of age to carry their firearms if they are not precluded from owning/possessing weapons due to prior criminal history or a court order. Under this new law you will not need to take a class, you will not need to qualify at the range, you will not need to register or submit any paperwork the state, or pay any fees, nor pay for a background check.

Private property and businesses may still prohibit your firearms on their property so you must still obey signs and/or verbal requests given by the property owner or someone with apparent authority to speak on behalf of the owner or the business to either disarm or leave (no changes there from current laws).

This does not change any requirements of Armed security officers (two different things). Security officers on duty do not fall under the “Constitutional Carry” and are still required to attend a 45 hour Level-3 security Commission course and register with Texas Department of Public Safety – Regulatory Services Division in order to carry a firearm on duty as a security officer/ 

Will handgun training still be available?

Yes. The new law requires the Texas Department of Public Safety to post a free online course on its website that teaches proper firearm handling and safety (of course watching it is voluntary). In addition, licensed handgun safety instructors can continue to offer their services to those that want training (although not required under this new law). To note, you do not need a licensed to carry a firearm in Texas but if you want to travel to another state then you will need the License To Carry permit (LTC) which is recognized in many states. In order to get that you will need to take a class, qualify at the range, and submit an application and fees to Texas DPS. So, the old process and license is still available if you want it.

TCTA will be offering once a month the standard License to Carry (LTC) course to customers who want the training and want the standard license through Texas DPS (which will allow them to carry in other states), just check our calendar and sign up.

According to the governor’s office, other bills he signed June 17th include:

SB 19: Bans government entities from contracting with businesses that discriminate against firearm and ammunition businesses or organizations.

SB 20: Allows hotel guests to keep firearms in their rooms.

SB 550: Gets rid of the requirement for keeping a firearm in a shoulder or belt holster.

HB 957: Gets rid of the criminal offense for possessing, manufacturing, transporting, or repairing a firearm silencer.

HB 1500: Stops government entities from prohibiting the sale or transportation of firearms or ammunition during a declared disaster or emergency.

HB 2622: Makes Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State and aims to protect Texans from new federal gun control regulations.

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Our LTC Instructors are certified and taught by the Texas Department of Public Safety to teach this course.

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