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Conductive Energy Weapon

Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW) are considered to be “Non-lethal Control Devices” to be used for self defense. When used properly, they can control violent or potentially violent individuals without causing serious bodily harm to the offender.

It has already been established from years of in-service use that C.E.W.s of different types have prevented serious harm to both the trained officer, innocent people, and to the individuals upon whom it was used for legal and acceptable purposes.

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Security_TrainingOur Universal CEW training program has been developed in order to instruct the user on the proper deployment of the CEW. The training will include information regarding how and why the CEW affects the recipient. It will provide information as to characteristics, capabilities, operatio

nal safety principles and procedures.

Health effects and precautions, equipment, maintenance along with more pertinent, useful, and important information that the operator will need to know will also be covered in the course. A training scenario will be included and each student will be required to pass a written examination with a score of 75% or better; to include, verbally demonstrate their knowledge of a CEW and to deploy at least one (1) live cartridge.

All Electroshock weapons, including Taser® and Phazzer® type are dangerous weapons. While these Electroshock weapons have a lower lethality than firearms, no means of forcibly subduing a human being, including by means of electric shock, pepper spray, other chemical irritants, bean bag rounds, baton strikes, or physical grappling is truly “Non-lethal.” Most companies and agencies are now using the term “Less than lethal” (including several well-known manufacturers).

The electric shock emitted from the CEW is very similar to the signals communicated between the brain and muscles. Even though the CEW current is very low, the electric shock delivered by the amperage causes interference between the brain and muscles.

Although there is severe discomfort and temporary pain associated with the shock, the contractions and the lack of ability to maintain control of ones muscles, causing the shock victim to lose control and collapse, are the primary control features of the CEW and the reason they are sought out by law enforcement, corrections, security, etc.

Conductive Energy Weapon Training

If you aren’t aware, Pepper Spray (OC) works on a delay, may not affect everyone, and may work only 50% of the time. In the state of Texas, if you carry a Baton, you must be a Level 3 Commission officer. Batons do major damage on a suspect while requiring several blows or strikes.

Taser® & Phazzer® and other similar products are fast, effective, work 99% of the time and on 99% of the population; provide no lasting effects or damage which means less lawsuits during a use of force incident and better safety and control for the officer. **Unlike what you may have heard, the dart probes DO NOT need to be removed by medical doctors.

CEWs, no matter who the manufacturer is, provides cutting edge technology to the officer which ends a violent encounter fast and safely. These devices provide proven reduction in use of force incidents and injuries to officers and suspects across the globe. Major improvements have taken place in all CEWs over the years to make them more effective and safer. Once only carried by law enforcement, is now available and being carried by security officers, bodyguards, corrections officers all over the United States.

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This device is NOT classified as a deadly weapon and in the state of Texas, both armed and unarmed security officers, bodyguards, bounty hunters, P.I.’s, etc., are all authorized to carry this. This device can also be carried on or off duty and may also be concealed, which is awesome!

Our course is NOT product specific and provides universal education from all aspects. You are not required in the state of Texas to take any type of class to have or use a Taser® or Phazzer® type product; however, both manufacturers “highly encourage” you to seek training and get certified – we agree. The problem we found with getting trained by the main manufacturer’s programs (although outstanding), often they are not available in your local town, and some cost $175.00 to attend. $175.00 might not seem like much for a police officer whose department is paying the bill but for your average security guard, that’s a little costly for a one day class.

The fact that the class is a little pricey and a little difficult to find or attend when you want it, means most guards buy it, wear it, but are not trained to carry it (which results in increased civil and criminal issues). We would rather see the security industry receive some type of training and certification on its use then to have them go without, and “wing-it” like they have been for years.

We Provide Demos for the Class


  • Device Technology Purpose & Benefits of ECD
  • Medical & Safety Issues Legal Stance
  • Policy Considerations of a CEW Breakdown
  • Cartridges & Types Tactical Considerations
  • Probe Placement Deployment/Firing
  • Drive Stunning Multiple Suspect Uses
  • Animal Considerations Additional Information


  • Full CEW on Hands Program
  • Classroom Handouts
  • Written Exam
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Training Videos
  • Use of Training Aids
  • Use of Targets
  • Participate in Scenarios
  • Voluntary Exposure
  • CEW Certificate of Completion & Pocket Card

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