10. How Long Are Your Course Certificates Good For?

The Level-2,  Non-commissioned course certificate has no expiration date. When you process your paperwork with DPS, in order to receive your Non-commissioned license, all DPS needs to see is proof that you “attended and passed” a Non-commissioned course at some point; they do not specify a date or a time window.

The Level-3 Commission course certificate has a 90-day window after being signed by the school to process your application with the state.  DPS will reject your certificate of training if they are over 90 days old. The 90-day window is a firearm proficiency timeframe which shows DPS that you have been to the shooting range and qualified within the last 90 days with a licensed Instructor at a licensed training academy. *This does not apply to the Level-2 Non-commissioned course certificate, as firearms proficiency is not a part of that course. Some training academies and security agencies seem to get this part of the courses and certificates mistaken constantly and often reject an applicant’s Non-commissioned course because it’s over 90 days old; again, that is wrong.

The Level-4 PPO Bodyguard course certificate also has a 90-day window after completion just like the Commission course certificate – again, due to the required firearms proficiency that DPS must see.

TCTA provides its own course certificates and pocket cards for: Baton, Pepper Spray, Handcuffs, and Conductive Energy Weapon – all through a third-party training program. Those certificates and pocket cards (Baton, Pepper Spray, Handcuffs, and Conductive Energy Weapon) are good for two years after completion and they are nationally recognized. You do not need to submit any paperwork to DPS for those.