9. How Often Do You Post Or Update Your Schedule?

At TCTA, we generally post our schedule (that is open to the public) no more than 30-45 days out. We understand there are several security training academies that will post classes six months to one year out in advance, however, we have also noticed that most of those schools that post that far out often postpone or cancel their classes when that date grows near. We display dates that are actually going to take place (rain or shine, big or small); we commit to those dates and to our customers. Posting something 6 months or a year out is a “shot in the dark” in this industry.

TCTA must leave certain time slots open for existing clients that we service on a monthly basis; the rest of the month, we open it up for the general public. Often, our clients don’t let us know until 30-45 days out, which again is a reason why we don’t provide a schedule further than that.

On a special note, if there is a class that you don’t see on the schedule you can always request a private session and we can make that happen for you. You don’t have to keep waiting months and months for a certain class to pop up; simply request a private session and we can get it done for you.