8. How Much Are Private Classes?

Private classes are always going to be at an increased rate. All of our posted prices are factored at multi-student/multi-attendee rates, whereas the class as a group shares the cost of putting a class on and making it logistically work for TCTA and our staff.

There is a certain cost that it takes to logistically run a class and make a profit which includes Instructor rates, classroom use, logistical and material costs, then the school has to make a profit; this is the reason why TCTA has a minimum student count before we can move forward with any class even normally scheduled (which is usually 4-5 students in most cases).

When you request or require a private class, you basically are funding the full logistical requirements on your own. While some assume there should be a discount if there’s only one student sitting in the class, in fact it’s quite the opposite, as the Instructors, the business, and logistics all still need to be paid but instead of the cost being spread out over several students, you will be paying that cost (in most cases), alone.

TCTA can conduct a private class for a group and provide that group with a group discount, but we would need to know the type of class that you’re needing, how many are attending, and then we factor what type of logistics, time, and staff is needed to run that class. Our general rates for a private class start at $150.00 – $200.00 per day; again, we factor discounts, size of group, type of class, and make adjustments as needed. *Special note: We will not train a group of 30 people (as an example)  for $150.00- $200.00 either , as the classroom materials and staff increases at that point to run the class correctly. Let us know what you need and we will be able work out the best deal possible for you and/or your company.