7. Are You Able To Travel To Our Location?

Yes, Texas Certified Training Academy (TCTA), is one of very few if not possibly the only security training academy in this state that provides private classes and onsite training at your location – time and date specified by you. We have traveled to Alpine, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Abilene, Killeen, to name a few, and continue to do so upon request from security providers who want their officers trained at their site or office.

Being able to offer mobile classes and private sessions on demand for our clients is one of the reasons why TCTA is chosen and stands out among the rest. Most security training academies simply don’t have the manpower, logistics, equipment, training aids, time, or ability to train customers at their site – this is one of our strong points.

If you require training onsite or at your location, or need a private class, feel free to contact us at any time and will be able to get you taken care of. There are additional charges for us traveling to your location; the price will increase for conducting private sessions, but it is well worth it. Many have found it’s more cost and time effective to have us come to you than to have you send your entire guard force to us. We do offer group rates, just ask.