23. What Is Your Entire Enrollment Process?

Our enrollment process is very simple although for some reason some students seem to make it harder than need be.

We always joke around here that people will book an airline ticket online and pay $500.00 (no questions asked), and without needing to speak to anyone – but when it comes to signing up for a $55.00 security class online, a panic and uncertainty sets in with the buyer… and we can’t figure that it out.

The first thing you do is to read our website (including course page and FAQ); find out which class you need or want, then check the schedule. *If you don’t see the class that you want posted, request a private session – either way, fill out a contact form and press submit and that will begin the process with us.

One of our staff members will respond back to you in 24 hours (but usually a lot less time). We will send you an online invoice for the class you signed up for requesting payment online. Once you pay the invoice, we will send a second email acknowledging your payment and providing classroom guidelines, safety procedures and directions. Everything you need will be contained in that second email; it will only arrive once the invoice is paid – don’t worry, there is no secret stuff going on, as all classes are straight-forward and fully explained on the site. Once you get that second email, the only thing you have to do is show up.  It’s a very simple process: 1. Sign up 2. Payment 3. Information pass down 4. Show up and train.

As you may have already found, we have an outstanding website full of information, to include a very detailed FAQ page and several videos to watch all of which provide a wealth of information. All of the questions and topics on the FAQ page and our videos all came from prior students – chances are, your remaining questions will be answered by checking them out.

We will make sure you get through the process safely, and all taken care of 🙂