15. Will My Military Or Police Experience Waive Any Courses?

On a case-by-case basis, DPS-RSD has waived some required experience or time for licensing as a Private Investigator, Qualified Manager, Instructor, and Security Consultant. It is highly unlikely that DPS-RSD will waive any requirements for basic security guard licensing such as Non-commissioned, Commission, Bodyguard courses due to the fact that DPS wants you to know the laws here in Texas as it pertains to the private security industry, as such, you will be required to take those classes although you can always write them and request a waiver.

We will tell you from experience that you will have completed all the required basic courses before you ever receive any written response from DPS, (sorry DPS but true); so you might as well take the classes and knock them out which can be done in a week with TCTA.