16. Will My Out-Of-State Licenses Work Here In The State Of Texas?

Out-of-state security licenses as far as Unarmed Guard, Armed Guard, and Bodyguard will not carry over to the state of Texas. The state of Texas, (although they appreciate your experience and background), want you to learn the specific laws and regulations in this state as it pertains to the private security industry.

Things that do carry over in the state of Texas would be your Concealed Handgun License (LTC) depending on the state and our agreement with them.  Baton training, Handcuff training, Pepper Spray training, Conductive Energy Weapon (Taser) training, etc.; as long as you have the certificates and pocket cards, you can pass those on to your new employer here in Texas.

Will I Receive Credit For Classes That I Completed In The Police Academy Or Military?

Many of us got Pepper spray training, Baton training, or Handcuff training while in the military, or the police department. The problem is, if you did not receive a wall certificate or pocket card to show your new employer, then you will have to retrain to get those certificates and pocket cards again – Sorry…

Training is fun to go through again anyway  🙂