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Professional Private Security Training

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Recognized as a preferred training academy by many private security providers

If you are looking for professional private security training and state certification, TCTA  is the place to attend. As a state licensed security training academy, with board certified instructors, TCTA can fulfill and exceed all of your security and private protection training needs. Whether you are a current security professional or just starting out, Texas Certified Tactical Academy offers full-service security training programs for today’s and tomorrow’s security professionals.

Free Lifetime Recertifications with Our Full Programs

  “It’s not hard to run a great program, you just have to care, and simply do it right” – TCTA founder   If you need basic security guard training, armed security officer training, pepper spray training, baton training, handcuffing training or bodyguard training, we do it all. All agencies or individual students are welcome to attend at anytime, as Texas Certified Tactical Academy has many great benefits and reasons to make us your official security training source. TCTA  makes it easy, convenient and fun while providing in-depth, professional, quality training to its customers. We immerse you into the industry with our core courses, and provide outstanding short certificate programs as well. Our advanced classes and continued education courses are also sought out by many active and current security providers.

While other security training academies develop guards, we develop security professionals.

Come experience what sets us apart from the rest.

  TCTA prides itself on not being a “Certificate Mill” or “check the box” class; nor do our instructors just “teach the test.” TCTA takes your training, time, education, and money paid very seriously as we know that your life & liability may depend on the training that you receive. Our classes are designed to exceed the state’s standards; many security providers send their officers here to be taught correctly, professionally, and thoroughly. While other schools provide you with just enough information to pass the written test, you will leave here with as much information that most security supervisors and managers know.